Product review: Oxford ChillOut socks

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Oxford ChillOut socks, £15.99 (£14.99 on MCN shop)
Miles covered/time:
2000/one year
What’s good? They keep your feet a bit warmer. They’re still in one piece after moderate use.
What’s not? The material is not waterproof, as claimed on Oxford Products’ website. When one of my boots started letting in water during the big freeze, these didn’t stop me getting a soggy, frozen foot. They might be water-repellent, which is also claimed, but I’m not sure what that means. Are they any better than a pair of thermal socks costing half the price? Probably not. In fact, glorified thermals socks is precisely what they are. That said, I’ve used them regularly during the last two harsh winters. If it’s freezing cold outside and your boots aren’t the best, they won’t stop your feet turning to ice, but it will take longer. Oxford’s blurb claims the material’s “legendary properties” mean it also keeps you cool in the warm. Personally I’d just take them off.
Rating: 3/5 

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell