Review: Alpinestars RJ-5 jacket and RP-5 trousers

Alpinestars RJ-5 jacket and RP-5 trousers, £32.50/£25.99
Miles covered/time:
20,000 miles/two years

What’s good? They’re 100% waterproof even in the heaviest of storms, they’ve never leaked when I’ve worn them over race leathers or jeans and a jacket.

They roll up relatively tightly, easily fit into a small rucksack, and seem to be robust, unlike most other thin waterproofs.

The zips haven’t broken and neither the jacket nor pants have torn, which is normally the case with light waterproofs after lots of use.

The pants are easy to throw on with an inner liner and the wide ankle bottoms that can be adjusted with a zip.

What’s not? The jacket does not have a conventional zip which means you have to throw it over your head like a jumper.

Problem is the opening is not wide enough to fit over a helmet. This is real pain when you’re caught in a heavy shower on the bike.

Contact: or Bikemart for local dealers.
Rating: 3/5