Motorcycle gear review: Rev It Warp Jacket

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Rev It Warp Jacket, £119.99

Miles covered/time: 10,000/one year

What’s good? It’s lightweight, waterproof, comfy, warm, adaptable… and not expensive. The cosy, smoking jacket-esque lining keeps you warm even in January, and when it’s removed (and the excellent vents unzipped) it becomes a very attractive summer option. The pockets are secure, spacious and numerous too. In fact they’re everywhere. This jacket really can be all things to all men.

What’s not? The colours soon fade after a few extended downpours, leaving it looking a little weathered. The stitching on the tags (hanging loop, lining fasteners etc...) is quite weak and I’d actually lost most of them within a few weeks of buying the jacket.

The adjustable popper for the neck fastener is weak too, meaning it heads for the loosest setting with a mild tug. So there are a few niggling little problems… but they don’t detract too much from what’s a great, affordable little jacket.


Rating: 4/5

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel