Kit Review: Original Buff

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Original Buff, £10.95

Miles covered/time: 15,000/two years
What's good? It¹s hard to write about Buff without sounding like I¹m on their payrollŠ but here goes. They¹re brilliant. If you don¹t have one then buy one. They¹re unobtrusive, cheap, look cool, keep the wind and rain off, are perfectly breathable and you can wear them while hiking, travelling, exercisingŠ anywhere. Not just on a bike. The original Buff is more suited to summer riding, but it functions fairly well in the winter. I¹ve just realised I¹m wearing mine in the above headshot. Praise indeed.
What's not? The accompanying DVD (showing you how to make a bandana, balaclava, hood and beanie out of your one-piece Buff) is more amusing than informative, but it was worth watching. They¹re still not paying me to write effusive reviews.
Rating: 4/5 

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel