Kit review: Draggin’ Oilskins jeans

Draggin’ Oilskins jeans, £159.99
Dan Aspel
Miles covered/time: 700/one month  
What’s good? Draggin’ market their products as being the most safety conscious jeans you can buy. Stitched and lined with Kevlar, they’re like your regular jeans only better. These have the added benefit of being water resistant.
What’s not? It’s hard to see the point of the Oilskins. They’re neither warm nor armoured enough to wear by themselves on a fast ride or in foul weather, and they’re not comfortable or stylish enough to wear as regular trousers. Draggin’ claim they’re “breathable”, but it’s hard to believe that when your legs are sweating in the cafeteria at lunchtime, even if you didn’t get wet legs on the ride in. Wearing long johns underneath makes them slightly more useful.
Rating: 2/5