Product review: Alpinestars Thermal Pro top

Alpinestars Thermal Pro top, £89.95
Miles covered/time:
900/two months

What’s good? You could put armour in the sleeves of this thermal top and call it a riding jacket.

Similarly, you could wear it under a vented summer jacket in the depths of winter and still get away with it.

If you’re the kind of rider who likes not to have erect nipples while commuting, this is most definitely for you.

There’s also a matching pair of trousers, and the whole lot’s available as a one-piece undersuit, too.

What’s not? There’s a little bit of the ‘scuba suit’ about it, making it sometimes (perish the thought when it’s –4°C outside, plus windchill) a little TOO warm.

If you can call that a negative. And frankly you could buy a winter riding jacket for this price.

It probably wouldn’t be half as windproof, though.

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Rating: 4/5