Product review: Oxford Bright Top Active

Oxford Bright Top Active, £29.99
Miles covered/time:
1000/four months

What’s good? Many things stand out with this stretchy hi-viz top, not least its wearer. Beyond the fact that cars pick you out far earlier than a black-clad rider in the dark, you don’t even realise you’re wearing this top.

The real beauty of it is that there’s none of the flappy, dinner lady’s tabard effect that you get with the loose-fitting type. It’s really easy to put on and double easy to forget you’re wearing it.

And, if this sort of thing worries you, its tailored fit has quite a slimming effect…

What’s not? Beyond the many arguments for and against hi-viz clothing, I don’t think you can argue against spending £30 on something that could give you the edge on a dark road in the dead of winter.

Rating: 5/5