Trouser review: Weise Titan

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Weise Titan textile trousers, £109.99
Miles covered/time:
3000/18 months

What’s good? They feel resilient. Fortunately I’ve never had call to put their crash protection capabilities to the test.

But I have a theory with textile clothing that if it feels flimsy, it probably is, and I’d much rather go down the road shielded by this tough-feeling nylon outer than in some of the lighter-weight kit I’ve tried.

Removeable armour at the knees and hips gives added reassurance. To date they’ve remained 100% waterproof, and I’ve worn them in some fairly hideous conditions.

With removable thermal lining, they’ll see you through cruel winters and balmy summers, although you might sweat a bit in the latter.

What’s not? The hip armour is a little on the thick side, which I’d no doubt be grateful for in a crash, but makes me look like I’m wearing an adult nappy the rest of the time.

I know it’s possible to make armoured textile motorcycle trousers that don’t create this unfortunate impression, because I’ve seen them. At £110, these are just slightly on the salty side. They’re not Gore-Tex, after all.    

Rating: 4/5

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell