Jacket review: Rukka Kalahari

Rukka Kalahari jacket, £749.99
Miles covered/time:
3500/four months

What's good: From the moment you pick up the Kalahari jacket you know it’s a quality bit of kit. Weighing in at 2.7kg it feels like a jacket capable of dealing with the British winter and it is. I’ve used the jacket in sub zero temperatures, snow and heavy rain and it hasn’t let me down. Rukka Kalahari jackets for sale

The GoreTex Performance Shell inner jacket means that you simply do not get wet and insulation means that it’s as warm as you can expect any jacket to be in the winter months.

It’s also got some seriously nice touches that make a big difference. The soft tightly fitting cuffs stop any drafts and the removable collar is a godsend and is big enough to cover your chin and be held in place under your helmet strap.

What’s not: So far I’m unable to fault this jacket. I’m yet to use it in hotter conditions so can’t comment on the vents yet.

Only possible gripe is the price, but although it’s a lot of money it is a top end product that will not only deliver today, but continue to do so for a very long time

Contact: www.tranam.co.uk
Verdict: 5/5

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