Tucano Urbano jeans

Tucano Urbano jeans, £75

Miles covered/time: 1000/one month

What's good: Motorcycle jeans are often bizarrely cut and deeply unfashionable, defeating the point of wearing them by making you look stupid. These are half acceptable looking. What armour there is – at the knee – is discreet. The large hip pockets are very useful on the bike and look like they’re there for style rather than function. And the shade of denim is nice.

What’s not: Although the jeans themselves fit, the knee pads sit halfway down my shin. You’re supposed to be able adjust their height. The pockets they sit in have Velcro patches which should hold them up when fastened. But in practice they slip to one side of the Velcro and descend to the bottom of the pocket at an angle. The denim is stretchy and thin-feeling. I’m not convinced they would offer better protection then high-street jeans which cost less and look better.

Contact: www.tucanourbano.it

Rating: 2/5

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