JTS 4040 rain suit

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JTS 4040 rain suit, £45.99

Miles covered/time: 1000 miles/one week in Scotland (heavy rain every day)

What's good:I'm 6'6" so finding a one-piece that won't ride up my legs is rather difficult. I found this 9XL suit in a sale for £15. Although, embarassingly, it's way too big for me around the waist, chest and arms, it's worth every penny. I tested it around Scotland, where it, of course, rained heavily every day and I stayed bone dry. Even a long heavy downpour on the motorway failed to penetrate it.

What's not: It is too big for me. But that's hardly the suit's fault. It takes a while to put on and if you rush it and don't take time to fasten the Velcro properly some rain will leak through.

Contact: www.jtsbikerclothing.com

Verdict: 4/5

Get yours at MCNshop.com

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James Capell

By James Capell