Product review: Alpinestars Summer Tech Performance layer

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Alpinestars Summer Tech Performance Top (£69.99) and Bottoms (£49.99)
Miles covered/time:
12,000/five months

What’s good: This two-piece undersuit makes wearing one and two-piece leathers very comfortable and easy to slip-off, even on a hot and sweaty day. The Dryarn material is very lightweight and it’s a figure-hugging, muscle-supporting compression fit, too, which Alpinestars say helps to reduce fatigue.

I’ve been wearing undersuits for the past nine years now and I can’t wear leathers without them, they just get too uncomfortable and sticky. These are very light, comfortable and effective and, being two-piece, you don’t have to strip right off to use the loo.

What’s not: Like all undersuits I’ve tried, the bottoms pull tight over the knee, making it uncomfortable when you’re crunched up on track, wearing leathers. I need to pull the legs past my calves to stop this.

They could do with some sort of baggy knee section. And sometimes with two-piece undersuits your back protector can end up wedged down your pants, which can be uncomfortable.

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Rating: 4/5

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

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