Jacket review: Oxford Chillout Windproof Shirt

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Oxford Chillout Windproof Shirt, £54.99 (£52.24 on MCN Shop)
Miles covered/time:
600/one month

What’s good: It’s well proportioned and a comfortable fit. It also zips up quickly and simply and even has thumbs holes at the end of the arms so that you can slip into your jacket without worrying about the sleeves riding up.

It’s made a huge difference to how warm I feel on my bike during the winter and as it’s so unobtrusive and effective it’s extremely easy to recommend. I’m a big fan.

What’s not: The material around the neck is a little stiff and can rub against your skin, which is a little annoying. The nylon elements of the jacket – on the arms and back – are far softer and more comfortable than the abrasive polyester elements.

It’s not uncomfortable at all, it just feels like a £50 piece of kit, rather than a £150 piece of kit. Not necessarily a bad thing as, for the price, it’s an excellent underlayer.

Contact: www.oxprod.com
Rating: 4/5

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel