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The evenings are getting longer, the roads are getting drier and (don’t tell anyone) even the sun’s been out for a few days.   

What better time to look at MCN’s top 5 leather jackets of recent years? Every jacket you see here is among the highest rated among MCN staff.

Hein Gericke Tripmaster TFL Cool
MCN says:
“The moment I put it on it felt good, not too much armour so you feel completely trussed up, but enough to make you feel safe, all CE-certified SaS-Tec protectors in all the right places (shoulders, elbows, back). The leather is an off-black/grey colour that has a special ‘TFL Cool’ system to reflect the heat, which does make quite a difference on a hot sunny day. There are plenty of pockets for your odds and sods – two outer and three inner.”
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Alpinestars Velocity
MCN says:
“This old-school-style jacket is a fair bit longer than a normal biking jacket, so you don’t get a draft up your back when you’re leaning forward, which is a good thing at my age. There are straps you can thread around your belt to stop the jacket riding up at speed, too. As is normal with Alpinestars jackets, the quality is top-notch and although I haven’t tested its strength in a crash, it looks like it would hold up well. As far as looks go, I think it’s stylish and there’s a rather natty black and orange version available too.
It has a removable, quilted inner jacket, which is nice and warm for the 11 months of the year when it isn’t summer.”

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Dainese Chiodo
MCN says:
“It’s made from very light, soft leather. It’s works in the pub as well as on the bike, too. There’s still there’s plenty of armour to feel secure. The fit is excellent, not baggy like some leather jackets, and I love the retro look and side zip. It’s not over the top with garish colours, very understated, although I’m still unsure if I like the TT logo.”

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Scott Racer
MCN says:
“It looks ace, it's satisfyingly weighty once on (yet not intrusively so), it features useful (yet cleverly disguised) reflective panels, it's classically styled, it's not too tight (meaning it's good for pub use as well as B1049 blasting), and it's from one of the coolest brands in biking and outdoor sports.
“All the zips and poppers (being satisfyingly chunky) are easy to deal with in summer gloves, and there's a degree of adjustability built in, too.”

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Held Verano
MCN says:
“There are so many leather jackets on the market, most of which are quite short. I personally prefer a jacket that covers my lower back for long journeys. This one comes with a detachable lining, ideal for the winter. The soft cowhide leather is very supple, so the moment you put it on it feel like you have been wearing it for years.
The jacket has a coating called the TFL Cool, which is designed to reflect the sun, and I honestly have noticed a considerable difference in hot weather. It has various air vent zippers for extra cooling, too. The soft CE-approved protection in the shoulders and elbows is so comfy that it goes almost undetected.”

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