Trouser review: Held Spark leather trousers

Held Spark leather trousers, £150.20
Miles covered/time:
3000/five months

What’s good? I wanted a pair of good quality, kneeslider-free leather trousers – and these looked just the job. In thick but supple cowhide, with stretch leather around the knees and on the calves, they felt immediately comfortable and needed no ‘breaking in’.

The Knox CE-approved armour on the knees cause no discomfort, unlike the tortuous hard cups on the 15-year Dainese trews these replaced.

Cosseting ‘Temperfoam’ padding at the hips completes the spec, and in use the trousers have the combination of snug fit and subtly stylish look I was looking for.

The robust leather and just-enough armour give you confidence without feeling over-protected.

What’s not? The zip pocket. There’s only one – arranged at a ridiculous angle that makes you strike a ‘teapot’ pose when fishing around to find stuff within it. And the zip broke within the first few weeks I had the trousers.

A shame, really, that this one defect let down an otherwise very well made and comfortable pair of trousers.  

Rating: 4/5