Jacket review: Dainese Maverick

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Dainese Maverick, £459.99
Miles covered/time:
1000/one month

What’s good: I’m a sucker for classically-styled motorcycle jackets and this new addition to Dainese’s range presses all the right buttons for me. The outer pockets (of which there are four) are simple to open and close, by way of two chunky poppers apiece.

The removable lining is doing a good job of keeping me warm on chillier mornings while not baking me on midday hops to the shops. The armour in the shoulders and elbows doesn’t move around, staying firmly seated, which gives a feeling of confidence in its ability to protect.

It’s also quite understated, not being covered with immediately obvious logos in gawdy colours.

In short, I can see this Dainese jacket becoming the one I regularly reach for when I’m going anywhere but a long tour or a track day.

What’s not: The cuff zips feel a little brittle for my liking, being fastened by a thin leather tab attached to something akin to a thick paperclip, plus there’s no escaping the fact that this jacket costs the same as some good quality one-piece suits. It loses a point for each of these negatives.

Contact: www.dainese.com
Rating: 3/5

Get yours at MCNshop.com

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott