Lewis Leathers Countryman No385 jacket

Lewis Leathers Countryman No385 jacket, £675

Miles covered/time: 500/one month

What’s good: The adage “buy well, buy once” has never been more apt when it comes to the Lewis Countryman jacket.

Hand made in London, the jacket is an exact copy of a garment originally made by Lewis in the 1940s. No detail has been skipped in this replica – the zips and waist ribbing are specially made and the blanket lining custom dyed to match the original vintage model. Armour didn’t exist in 1940 so none is included (if that kind of thing worries you) but the leather is as thick as many race leathers I’ve owned.

Like a three-piece suit crafted by the best Savile Row tailors, the quality of the materials, cut and stitching is exemplary. The love and care taken in its construction shines through, making a huge difference to both wearer and observer. The Countryman has the bespoke feel of a 1950s Aston Martin,

What’s not: £675. But such a classic design is fashion proof so I’ll probably be wearing it when I’m 65.

Contact: www.lewisleathers.com

Rating: 5/5

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