Aerostitch Lightweight Roadcrafter

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Aerostich Lightweight Roadcrafter, £427
Miles covered/time:
1900/two months

What’s good: The very first weekend I got this suit, I had organised to stay with friends for the weekend some 150 miles away. It must have rained continuously for the whole journey, and I mean serious rain, so heavy that I had to knock 20mph off my normal speed due to such terrible visibility.

After nearly three hours out in it, I am pleased to say when I arrived my clothes were completely dry. The best part of the this suit is putting it on and taking it off – it’s literally done in seconds, with the very cleverly designed ankle to neck zip.

You place the right foot through the leg hole, put your arms in, do up the two zips and you’re in. It’s perfect for commuting, just put it on and all your protection is built in. An optional chest impact pad and chest Insulation pad, including one which is electrically heated, are available for when winter really hits.

This suit has some very nice touches: completely waterproof zippers, snap down collar, magnetic collar clasps, waterproof inner wallet/phone/iPod pocket, adjustable impact pad positions, an inner pocket hook for an accessory pocket and a mini-carabiner built into the left chest pocket (which I find handy to clip my bike keys onto for safe keeping).

There are also Scotchlite reflective panels that can be seen for miles at night. It’s the perfect everyday oversuit, and I wear it literally every day.

What’s not: The import tax to bear in mind when it’s shipped from the USA.

Rating: 4/5

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Simon Relph

By Simon Relph

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