Product review: EXO² StormRider heated vest

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EXO² StormRider heated vest £179.99
Time used:
Three months

What’s good? This body warmer keeps you warm before you’ve even heated it up, which is a good sign. Plugged into the bike’s battery it’s very effective and heats your upper back, kidney area, chest and shoulders to a constant 50°.

It works best worn close to your skin, with layers over the top. What’s best about it is the optional battery power pack (£69), which means you can use the jacket without being plugged into the bike, which is handy for me jumping from bike-to-bike when I’m testing.

The battery pack only warms the kidney area, which is enough to keep the chill off. It’s also good for keeping you warm when standing around at cold racetracks. The battery lasts a good few hours on full power, more if you turn the heat down.

What’s not? It’s quite padded, so won’t fit under leathers.
Rating: 5/5

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

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