Product review: Weise Tex Midlayer fleece jacket

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Weise Tex Midlayer fleece jacket £74.99
Time used:
Five months

What’s good? I’ve been wearing this fleece a lot over the past few months, both on and off the bikes. I like its looks, fitted cut and above all its warmth. It’s not big and bulky like a conventional fleece, but it’s still a bit too thick to fit under leathers.

I wear it under winter riding jackets and sometimes under my normal coat when I’m out and about, standing at freezing cold race tracks.

It has a high adjustable collar to keep the wind away from your neck, a windproof outer shell, a very comfortable micro-fleece inner and three decent-sized hand-warmer pockets. It’s also very well put together. Perfect for winter and for chilly spring mornings and evenings, too.

What’s not? Eighty quid is a lot to pay and you could buy something similar, from a non-biking brand, although it wouldn’t be as bike-specific. But if you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 4/5

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