Trouser review: Knox Cold Killers sport pants

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Knox Cold Killers sport pants, £44.99
Time owned/miles covered:
Two months/500 miles

What's good? Exactly the same as the sport top, they’re comfy, light and, most importantly, warm. The elasticated waist keeps them in place, stopping them from riding up when you put on your top layer.

The all-round fleece lining is nice and soft, with no irritation. It’s thin enough not to feel too bulky under your trousers or to make them difficult to get on.

What's not? The legs are a little short for me, but I have this problem with most trousers. I don’t see why the windproof material can’t be used all over the trousers instead of just on the front.

The back of my legs and arse don’t get cold, but it could help you keep a little more heat in when it’s really cold. It could also be useful for backwards-riding stunt riders getting in some winter practice.

£44.99 seems pricey a base layer. Back when I was in the cadets as a youth we were told to wear tights during remembrance services in cold weather. They worked fine and don’t cost just short of £50.

Rating: 4/5

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

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