Hein Gericke Blizzard Rain Pants

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Hein Gericke Blizzard Rain Pants, £29.99
Miles covered/time:
2000/two months

What’s good: For autumn riding, I tend to go with a leather trousers/Gore-Tex jacket combo unless it’s tipping it down with rain.

I find textile trousers make me slide around on the seat too much, so leather bottoms and this pair of waterproof over-trousers as a standby are my chosen solution.

Thing is, it’s been so dry this autumn I’ve hardly had the need to resort to these ‘Rain Pants’. Ironically, it was on a trip to Spain that they were put to their most severe test.

Crossing a mountain range heading north to Santander, heading into bad weather, I stopped to put them on.

The zips on the lower part of their legs helped get them over my boots, although it was a bit of a struggle getting them on without snagging their netting lining (this does prevent them sticking to your leathers and making them hard to get off, though).

These coated polyester pants proved fully waterproof and windproof and helped to keep me warm as temperatures plummeted. Needless to say, they became a permanent fixture in my panniers this year, nestled in their handy carrying bag.

What’s not: Just the aforesaid difficulty in getting them on in a hurry at the side of the road due to the snaggy netting. Although arguably they could be even harder to get on without it.

Contact: www.hein-gericke.co.uk
Rating: 4/5

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Mark Holmes

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