Revit Athos vest

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Revit Athos vest, £39.99

Miles covered/time: 500/one month

What's good: MCN’s Adam Child reckons the vest is so bright he thought I was a police motorcyclist when I caught up with him on the commute one morning, so the hi-viz definitely has its benefits. Stretch panels at the side mean you can get a size down from what you’d normally take to stop it flapping about in the wind and it will still fit comfortably over your jacket. I keep mine on top of my winter jacket all the time.

What's not: There are no zips to give you access to your jacket pockets underneath the vest meaning you have to pull the vest up if you want to get to your pockets. A little niggle but something easily fixed. £40 for a vest is a bit steep, especially when you could get one for a few bob from a local market or hardware store.


Rating: 3/5


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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

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