Product review: Frankly baselayer

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Frankly baselayer, £59
Miles covered/time:
1500/three months

What’s good: Manufacturers of baselayers (or thermals to you and me) often spout the most dreadful techno tosh to sell their wares without confronting the horrible truth: they make you stink.

They may well be warm, but by the time you've pushed the bike out of the garage in your winter kit you're humming like a tramp. These new thermals are refreshingly low on bluster, and claim to avoid the smell problem by using a special mix of expensive Merino wool and cotton.

And – amazingly – it works. In the interests of scientific investigation I wore the top for three days running and besides keeping me warm, it did not smell – at all. It was weird – the T-shirt above started to whiff a bit, but the thermal didn't.

What’s not: It’s a touch pricey.

Rating: 4/5

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John Westlake

By John Westlake