Product review: Weise Tex Midlayer long sleeve shirt

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Weise Tex Midlayer long sleeve shirt £59.99
Time used:
Five months

What’s good: Unlike some thermal mid-layer jackets, I can fit this long sleeve thermal top underneath my leathers, usually popped over the top of a two-piece summer undersuit (layering up i’s what it’s all about in the cooler months).

The windproof outer material is effective at keeping the chill away from my skin on the move – it even keeps me warm with the vented summer leathers I wear for road testing.

For long trips, I’ll wear some thin waterproofs over the top of all that and I’ll be close to sweating.

It’s very comfortable, has a big neck-mounted zip for easy access, elasticated and – just as importantly – is very well made.

What’s not: You can buy much cheaper thermal tops, but the quality of this product and its attention to detail really do make it worth the money.

Rating: 4/5

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

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