Jacket Review: Alpinestars Avant leather jacket

Alpinestars Avant leather jacket, £299.99

Time tested: 400 miles/two months

What’s good? Alpinestars’ summer leather jacket has bags of subtle style (coming in plain and classy brown, beige or black), plenty of features (pre-shaped sleeves, armour for elbows and shoulders and lots of stretch panels, pockets and adjustment tabs), 1.1mm leather where it counts and, I reckon, it's reasonable value, too, considering how pricey Astars and Dainese stuff can be. It does everything I would expect of it; nothing has gone wrong (although admittedly, I've not had it that long) and I've no cause for complaint…

What’s not?  … except there's a 'but'. I feel short-changed, slightly. Though aiding comfort, the huge stretch panels on the inner arm means there's not as much leather as I'd expected plus the whole thing is all a bit high-tech and gimmicky with all the 'mesh liner this, compartments that and removable the other'. I'm getting fed up with all this detachable and adjustable everything. What happened to good old-fashioned, straightforward leather jackets…? Or is that me as well?

Contact: www.alpinestars.com

Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 3/5

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