Clothing Review: BMW TourShell suit

BMW TourShell suit, £425 (jacket) and £340 (trousers)

Time tested: 5270 miles/four months

What’s good? As with all BMW products, this suit oozes quality and even the labelling makes it feel special. Then wearing it adds further to the sense of occasion, because the fit is like that of a bespoke woolen suit and for my 6ft 6in frame the extra leg and arm length (available on ordering) was just what I needed to complete the perfect fit.

On the bike, it gets better still as the thermal liner keeps me warm on the coldest of days (4 degrees C) and with the liner removed the large front and rear vents can easily circulate enough air keep me suitably cool at anything up to the 30 degrees I experienced while riding in Italy.

The real trump card for the suit though has been the wet weather protection, even when riding through nine hours of torrential rain across Europe the suit kept me completely dry, literally not a drop got in. It’s just a shame I forgot to pack waterproof gloves.

What’s not? The price is a little on the spicy side, which would smart a touch - but I figure the quality means it will last and with 5000 miles of use it still looks brand new. Own it for five years and that’s £150 a year for kit, which I wouldn’t regret investing in, as I really can’t put a price on comfort when touring. It could also do with an external fully waterproof pocket. Oh, and I look a little like a Thunderbird (though not as much as I would if I’d have opted for the grey version instead).


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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