Clothing Review: Triumph Engineered denim/Kevlar jeans

Triumph Engineered denim/Kevlar jeans, £159

Time tested: 500 miles/3 months

What’s good? I've tried two or three types of 'riding jeans' before and these are my favourites so far. Fit (with plenty of leg length, important for riding) and quality of the denim, stitching etc is good; there are a number of nice touches (such as extra strong belt loops and quality detailing). There's Kevlar panels in all the places you'd expect (bum, knees), plenty of pockets and they're also comfy enough to be worn as normal jeans, too, which, pretty much, is the whole point. Result? I wear them on my summer commute and keep 'em on all day in the office quite happily before riding home and only then slipping into my leopard print 'Onesie' (this is a joke). Job done.

What’s not? They're inevitably thicker and thus warmer than normal jeans, which I know is some people's usual criticism of riding jeans. Plus, equally inevitably, they're never going to offer as much protection as 'proper' attire, either (the other usual criticism). But, for me, that's a compromise I'm more than happy with and they suit the usual way I ride being the sort who can't abide clambering into and out of biking clobber all the time. I don't even mind too much the 'swimming short-style' mesh lining…


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5


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