Product Review: Ixon Gallium Pro winter jacket

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Ixon Gallium Pro winter jacket, £279.99 (discontinued, still available online for £149.99)

Time tested: 16 months

What’s good? The adaptable and flexible Gallium Pro is a jacket for winter but I got mine specifically for wearing over my leathers all-year round. And for this very specialist job, I’m yet to find better. Elasticated stretch panels behind the arms and elbows allow a freedom of movement when worn over leathers (with armour and hump) that I’ve looked for and failed to find in numerous other jackets. They’re supported by a generous semi-blouson cut with adjustable arms that fits snugly without rendering a fully leathered rider on his way to a trackday as mobile as a trussed turkey. With its thermal lining in, the Gallium Pro’s a decent everyday jacket in December; with it removed, and all four airflow zips open, it runs surprisingly cool over leathers in July. The detailing is good, too, particularly the low, neoprene collar.  

What’s not? Despite using it for over a year it’s yet to be tested in proper British rain. So its waterproof claim remains for now just that.

Quality rating 3/5

Value rating 3/5


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Tim Thompson

By Tim Thompson

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