Rev’IT Defender GTX Gore-Tex suit

Rev’IT Defender GTX Gore-Tex suit, £879.98 (jacket £499.99, trousers £379.99) 

Tester: Steve Farrell

Time tested: 5000 miles/two years

What’s good? This is one suit for road or trail, winter or summer. Removable lining and closable vents make it as useful in August as it is in December. Take the Gore-Tex lining out, and it’s cool enough for gentle off-roading, too. Two external chest pockets are properly waterproof. Removable armour at the shoulders, elbows, back, hips and knees is flexible enough for comfort but firm enough for confidence. Reinforced abrasion-resistant patches at the shoulder and elbow help, too. Shop around and you may find big discounts. I saw the jacket for £300 at a bike show.

What’s not? Oddly, with the jacket and trousers zipped together, rain finds its way in between. It’s because the zip is not arranged to make the waterproof linings of the jacket and trousers overlap. But with the two parts not zipped together, you can pull the jacket down over the trousers, and it’s waterproof. Rev’IT say they’ve fixed the problem with a new zip design which ensures overlap. Also, the zips at the bottom of each leg, which attach the thermal lining, get clogged with dust off-road and won’t do up. One of mine has perished from rubbing at the ankle. The trousers are still serviceable but this zip is knackered. Poppers would be better.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 3/5