Suit review: Spidi T2 Wind Pro Kangaroo

Spidi T2 Wind Pro Kangaroo one-piece suit, £1299.99
Time tested: 12,500 miles/three years

What’s good: This is the most comfortable race suit I’ve ever had. Some of the road tests we do on MCN involve us having to wear leathers for hours, often in particularly hot conditions, and this suit makes that almost bearable. Despite it being off-the-peg, people always ask me whether this suit was made-to-measure, simply because of the quality of the hide and the way it fits. It’s been designed to accommodate a Spidi chest and back protector, which I always wear, without compromising the fit.
The Spidi’s true test came last October when I lost the front on my Yamaha TZ250 at Cadwell Park’s Gooseneck. The suit survived with nothing more than a few scuffs, while I sustained no injuries other than a bruised ego and backside.

What’s not: The only thing that irritates about this suit is if it’s not stored correctly the hip body armour curls over and needs to be repositioned.

Rating: 5/5

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