Textile Review: Aerostich Roadcrafter suit

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Aerostich Roadcrafter suit: £600 approx (plus import duty and
shipping of about £300)

Tester: Andy Downes

Time/miles: 50,000-plus/eight years

What’s good? If you ride every day the Aerostich Roadcrafter suit is the answer to the hassle of getting in and out of riding kit – you step in fully-clothed, close two zips and then it’s on. All I need to change at work is motorcycle boots for shoes. The suit is waterproof, armoured at the elbows, back, shoulders and knees and has six pockets, zips to access trousers underneath, has a vent on the back for summer and has abrasion-resistant sections and reflective panels. A recent refurb meant sending it back to America where it was cleaned and re-waterproofed and a new waterproof zip was fitted, but this was the first time it has needed anything done in eight years and tens of thousands of miles. One section of Velcro on the main seam was replaced as it had worn out. I cannot recommend these suits highly enough; once sampled, they are hard to stop using!

What’s not? The initial cost is high when you add £300 of VAT and import duty to the £600 cost of the suit but I console myself with the fact this is a one-off cost and the suit is still working as it should after so much use and eight years. Some people aren’t a fan of the utilitarian styling but that’s only because they haven’t tried one.

Contact: www.aerostich.com

Rating: 5

Get yours at MCNshop.com