Product Review: Bull-it, Voloce jeans

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Bull-it, Voloce jeans, £209.99

Time tested: 500miles/ 3 months

What’s good? The Voloce jeans are a true innovation. They’re the world’s first jeans to come with the prestigious CE Level 2 certification putting them at a higher standard than most textiles and leathers (certification wise). The jeans lasted 7.42 seconds on an 18mph rolling road when tested by SATRA (leather lasts typically 4-5 secs).  According to Bull-it they have low thermal conductivity keeping the heat from road friction at bay, have zero moisture retention and absorb moisture including humidity, sweat and rain. Safety-wise, they are excellent.

What’s not? However, what use are innovative jeans if I don’t wear them? I always thought the point of protective jeans was to substitute leathers and textiles in summer. Unfortunately the Voloce disagrees; they are way too bulky, rather heavy and too hot for summer use. For the money I’d rather a pair of waterproof (lightweight) textiles that are comfortable to walk around in. For me the bottom line is I wouldn’t be able to wear them in the pub, which defeats the object as this is meant to be protective clothing you can wear casually.


Quality rating: 2/5

Value rating: 2/5


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Andy Davidson

By Andy Davidson

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