Product Review: Weise Onyx Tourer Jacket/Jeans

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Weise Onyx Tourer Jacket/Jeans (£229 jacket, £159.99 jeans)

Time tested: 4000 miles/6 months

What’s good? I chose this Onyx suit because of its understated looks and durability; for my touring this year it was important to me that I felt as comfortable as possible. Despite not coming supplied with hip armour, there is CE approved protection in all the other major places – including a substantial back plate – and both the jacket and jeans come with enough removable liners to cross the breadth of our UK seasons.

What’s not? Some of the shoulder stitching is starting to come lose and I think the Weise product tester must have inordinately short shins, because these are the second pair of trousers I’ve had from Weise that want to settle with the knee armour halfway down my leg.


Quality rating: 3/5

Value rating: 4/5


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Steve Hunt

By Steve Hunt