Product Review: Rokker Revolution waterproof jeans

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Rokker Revolution waterproof jeans, £360

Time tested: Four months

What’s good? These are made from waterproof denim and are abrasion and temperature resistant, but still look and feel like proper jeans. A fully waterproof and windproof layer is the key to the success of these trousers, a membrane responds to additional heat - or cold - and opens or closes pores in the fabric accordingly; which in theory offers the perfect body climate. Outside of the marketing waffle, this results in reinforced denim jeans that are cool in the heat and warm on cold, rainy rides. With the care and attention that’s gone into these, from a rivet-free construction to stop paintwork scratches, through to a fully waterproof zip and included D3O armour on the hips and knees, these are now my go-to riding trousers in all conditions. Oh and they arrive in a ridiculously fancy wooden box.

What’s not? They’re incredibly expensive. At £360 you really need to wear these jeans daily or really value the wooden crate they come in. The space-age material they’re made from means they make a shellsuit-esque ‘swishy’ noise when you walk.

Quality: 5/5
Value: 3/5

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Steve Hunt

By Steve Hunt