Product Review:Dainese Avro Div Lady two-piece suit

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Dainese Avro Div Lady two-piece suit, £694.99

Time tested: Four years

What’s good? In terms of surviving everyday wear and tear, this is one robust, well-built suit. It’s done touring, commuting and track work in all kinds of weathers and – despite being a little grubby – it’s still in perfect condition. Other Dainese products I’ve owned in the past have been a little delicate and I’ve been disappointed by the quality of the leather, but I can’t fault this suit on build-quality. The thickness of the leather, stitching and the quality of the zips are all top notch. I particularly like the way the connecting zip is mounted on elasticated fabric, making it a little easier to zip the jacket to the trousers while you’re wearing them. There are other nice details like titanium-style plates on the shoulders, a small race hump at the rear and a handy internal pocket. Dependable and practical, I can’t see why, barring a bit of waistline expansion, I won’t be able to wear them for another four years.

What’s not? The internal armour is all CE-certified, but I’m not a fan of the hard composite stuff Dainese use. After time I find it creates pressure points on my elbows and knees causing a bit of irritation. The leather collar also rubs on my neck, a softer material would’ve been better here.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5


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Emma Franklin

By Emma Franklin

Deputy Editor, road tester, club racer