Product Review: Draggin’ Twista jeans

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Draggin’ Twista jeans £209.99

Time tested:  12 months/1000 miles

What’s good? These skinny-fit, low-rise, twisted seam Twista jeans tick all the boxes when it comes to fashion and, as they’re made by Draggin’, the quality is second to none. They feature extensive Kevlar lining in the seat, hip and thigh area and also the length of the upper leg to just below the knee. There are also pockets for optional knee armour and a mesh lining that stops the irritation you sometimes get when Kevlar comes in contact with skin. I wear them every day for my commute and usually slip them on over my regular trousers for convenience.

What’s not? Denim plus liner plus Kevlar equals a thick pair of jeans and as a result they’re bulky and extremely hot which means I’m reluctant to keep them on all day if I’m not riding. The skinny-leg styling also makes them impossible to wear with boots that feature bulky shin protection. I wear them with short-style sports boots, or a simple pair of unarmoured leather boots. Then there’s the price. Despite being well made, it’s a phenomenal amount of money.

Quality 5/5
Value 2/5


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Emma Franklin

By Emma Franklin

Deputy Editor, road tester, club racer