Product Review: Scott Leathers one-piece race suit

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Scott Leathers one-piece race suit, £899

Time tested: 17 TT laps (641.41 racing miles)

What’s good? I love my made-to-measure Scott leathers. Not only do they look amazing in this tribute design to former World Superbike champion Scott Russell, but the fit is near-perfect thanks to being made to measure. And they’re not stupid money like some made-to-measure leathers. Scott Leathers have a long-standing history with TT racing and the list of riders who’ve worn Scott leathers is almost endless, from  John McGuinness to the whole Dunlop family it seems. Conor Cummins wore Scott leathers when he survived his massive crash in 2010, Ian Hutchinson wore them when he won five out of five races and Bruce Anstey was in Scott leathers when he set the outright lap record this year. They’re not overly tight yet they aren’t baggy and don’t flap around when you are flat-out and tucked in behind the screen, which is what you need at the TT and North West. They’re not so tight they cause muscle pump or bruises, which some leathers do around the TT. Scott is using different leather this year which feels a little softer and more durable. If you want a suit in this design, made-to-measure suits start at £899, then it depends on your spec.  More basic colours start from only £799.

What’s not? All the body armour is CE-approved but there is no air bag option as yet. Race leathers have really moved on in terms of technology, but the Scott leathers are more conventional without any airbag technology at the moment.

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 5/5


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