Product Review: Segura Tom textile jacket

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Segura Tom textile jacket, £199.99

Time tested Three months/2000 miles

What’s good? The retro looks and snug fit that made me go for the Segura – all too often waterproof gear is chunky and a bit on the dowdy side, but that’s not the case here. Most of the miles have been commuting in Spring and early summer. My journey is about 20 miles each way and I’ve not had any water come through so far, while the removable lining has kept me warm on colder starts. Protection-wise, there is CE-approved shoulder and elbow armour and loops to attach the jacket to a belt if you have one on your jeans.

What’s not? My, admittedly far more expensive, Rukka jacket has plenty of vents for hot days but there are none on the Segura – so warm days can mean clammy rides, even with the lining removed. Also, there’s no zip to connect to leather jeans and there’s no back protector – although there is a pocket to take one.

Quality rating 3/5
Value 4/5


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Simon Brown

By Simon Brown

MCN Senior Production Editor