Product Review: Furygan Akira leather jacket

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Furygan Akira leather jacket, £379.99

Time tested: 1500 miles/3 months

What’s good? Pick up this jacket and it instantly feels like a quality product, with lovely leather, brilliant D3O armour and as it’s proven warm enough to wear even in December it has become my day-to-day jacket. Normally I’m not a fan of thermal jacket liners – I find them plasticky and horrible, but this one is nice and quilted, and the only time I ever remove it is when I’m wearing my everyday softshell jacket underneath, which it gives me loads of room to do. Furygan claim that the leather is treated to provide water-resistance and I don’t doubt them on it; I’ve ridden through some horrible conditions, and thankfully never emerged too wet at the other end.

What’s not? Nearly £400 is a lot of money for a jacket – and the fit is a little unusual. I had to go a size bigger than I normally would so that my arms fitted the sleeves properly, which means the jacket ends up a bit baggy, so try before you buy.

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 3/5


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