Product Review: Klim Badlands Pro Jacket and trousers

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Klim Badlands Pro Jacket and trousers, £599 and £455 (were £749 and £569)

Time tested: Four years/6500 miles

What’s good? This is a true state-of-the-art suit designed for the hardcore adventure rider. Made with a Gore-Tex three-layer Pro Shell outer to ensure it’s 100% waterproof the suit features D3O armour throughout. Arguably its greatest asset is that the designers at Klim take ventilation very seriously. The vents on the jacket and trousers are not token gestures, as they are on many other suits. They are comprehensive and literally open the jacket and trousers up to allow air to pass through. And then when it gets cold everything can be zipped up and it’s airtight and waterproof again. The jacket has a built-in back protector and internal harness along with a three-litre bladder that sits behind the back protector. The internal harness means that even when you have 3kg of liquid in the bladder you don’t feel the weight on your shoulders. The jacket also has an abundance of internal and external pockets, which come in very handy.

What's not? It’s hard to fault. The biggest gripe is the price, but as it’s currently on sale it represents far better value for money. It’s still expensive though and you don’t get a liner in the jacket for extra warmth. The neck is also low – a zip-on high collar would make a good addition.

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 4/5


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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider