Product Review: BMW Streetguard 3 (lady) jacket (£462.93) and trousers (£355.39)

What’s good about the BMW Streetguard 3 jacket and trousers?

It's easily the most complete and robust suit I’ve ever worn. Six years into my time with the Streetguard 3 and it still looks, and performs, like new. There’s nothing flimsy about the suit’s construction. The tough, almost rigid, Keproshield outer is a three-layer laminate of Kevlar, cotton and Polyamid for impressive abrasion, tear and friction-heat resistance, plus it’s reinforced with Dynatec patches at the shoulders, elbows and knees with the added benefit of CE-approved soft armour beneath. As textile riding kit goes, this stuff feels as protective as a suit of armour and I never get the feeling I’m compromising on safety like I do wearing most other textiles. Yet unlike medieval battle regalia, the Streetguard 3 is totally comfortable, as well as 100% waterproof and warm too. Schoeller’s c_change waterproof/breathable membrane takes care of keeping the rain out, while a removable Thinsulate lining has ensured I’ve always stayed warm. I absolutely adore how well it’s made, plus the excellent design details like the long Lycra inner cuffs to help form a seal with your gloves, the detachable high collar and excellent jumbo-sized chunky main zip. And, what’s more, other than an enamel roundel and a slightly staid design, there’s no external clue it’s made by BMW.

And what’s not?

Waterproof outer pockets are excellent, however the seal often gets bound up within the zip slider, making them extremely difficult to close. An open waterproof pocket ceases being waterproof, and I also once lost a set of keys out of it too.

Time tested

Six years


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