Product Review: Ducati Scrambler jacket (£299)

What’s good about the Ducati Scrambler jacket?

Sometimes if you are riding around town you don’t want to be sporting full-on bike gear, and that’s where this neatly styled Scrambler jacket comes in. There’s armour at the elbows and shoulders so you have a degree of protection but it’s light and comfortable enough for ordinary wear. It’s also warm – you can remove the camouflaged thermal lining – and waterproof enough to keep you dry in a shower. There are plenty of pockets and a handy one on the left sleeve for cash, cards and the like.

And what’s not?

It’s clearly not going to be as protective as a proper leather jacket or heavy-duty Cordura riding gear and there’s no back protector. The bigger irritation is that the hood catches too much breeze when you are riding at speed and turns itself into something of a neck-throttling parachute – stick to town speeds and all is well.

Time tested

Two months/1000 miles


Quality rating


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