Product Review: Rukka Armaxis jacket (£899.99) and Armaxion trousers (£549.99)

What’s good about the Rukka Armaxis and Armaxion?

This Rukka suit is the best winter kit I’ve ever tested. It’s serious stuff, premium and so well-made that it comes with a six-year warranty. The suit is Gore-Tex Pro Shell, meaning rain water slides off like water off a duck’s back, which means it dries quicker and the jacket isn’t left heavy and sodden. As well as its excellent waterproofing I’ve never once been cold in the suit. It comes with a removable thermal jacket (which can be worn separately as an everyday top) and it’s a spacious fit – so it’s easy to pack more layers on if necessary. Even in minus temperatures it does a fantastic job of blocking out the wind. It also comes with nice finishing touches like magnetic breast pocket closures, braces for the trousers, easy adjusters on the arms and waterproof cuffs. There are four pockets on the outside and two inside waterproof pockets too. Overall, it’s an excellent winter suit for those who cover serious miles, no matter the weather.p>

And what’s not?

The jacket comes with a vent on the back and two under the breast pockets, but these do little in the way of cooling. The jacket is so good at keeping you warm that it becomes impossible to wear in the summer. Also, the £1449.98 price tag is right up there at the top end. But you’re paying for one of the best suits on the market.

Time tested

One year/15,000 miles


Quality rating


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