Product Review: Spada Staffy Wax Jacket

Spada Staffy Wax Jacket, £159.95

Tested by Simon Brown

Time tested 600 miles/one month

What’s good? Ride a bike like my Ducati Scrambler long-term test bike and you want your kit to veer towards the retro – and that’s exactly what Spada have done here. They’re not the only brand to jump on the waxed-cotton bandwagon but they’ve done a fair job with brassy poppers, diamond-quilted leather on the shoulders and that all-important belt, plus a cool tartan lining. It’s not all about looks: a heavy late-night downpour found it to be properly waterproof, the thermal lining keeps me warm on spring mornings and there’s CE-approved armour should I need it. Meanwhile, there are sensibly sized pockets and the cuffs, which secure with a popper, allow you to get gloves inside. Jackets like these are as much about looks as performance, but the Spada ticks both boxes reasonably well. It comes in black or brown.

What’s not? There are tell-tale signs that it’s been built to a price. The tartan lining feels a bit thin but most notably the belt buckle is inferior to those on the benchmark Barbour jackets or even the Germot waxed jacket I have previously tested. One of the loops the belt goes through has made a couple of breaks for freedom too – I thought I’d lost it for good one morning, but it turned up in the road outside my house. It’s not the end of the world, but it lets the side down.

Quality rating: 3/5

Value rating: 4/5