Product Review: Aldi textile bike jacket and jeans

Aldi motorcycle jacket and trousers, £80 (jacket), £60 (trousers).

Time tested: Three weeks/650 miles

What’s good? It’s extremely easy to be sniffy about the thought of budget supermarket Aldi and a new range of all-season motorcycle clothing. But after two weeks of cold winter commuting in the kit that goes on sale in their shops next week I can testify it’s far, far better quality than the combined £140 price for both jacket and trousers might suggest. Both the jacket and jeans have CE-approved armour at the shoulders, elbows, back, hips and the knees and kept out the wet and cold of January. There has been no heavy rain in my time wearing this suit, so I cannot yet testify to the full waterproofing claimed. The jacket has adjustment straps on the torso and the arms to stop flapping, four outside pockets and an inside one too. It even has two zip-open vents on the front and more on the back for warmer weather. The trousers adjust at the waist and have zips that undo to above the knee to help get them on over boots. The jacket and trousers are both approved to the relevant CE safety standard for motorcycling, which is a rarity in the motorcycle market and an absolute one-off at this bargain price.

What’s not? There are some annoying details on both the jacket and trousers. The cuffs rub on my wrists where the zip runs right down to the end of the sleeve and the thick back protector took some getting used to. The long zips on the trousers are great, but the lining gets snagged in the zip and also gets grabbed by the Velcro fastening. The heelstraps, which are an essential part of passing the CE safety approval, get in the way and if these were my trousers I would be cutting them off immediately. Aldi’s range of budget bike gear will go on sale on March 8 and once the stock is gone, it’s gone, so if you’re not in a position to spend £140 in Aldi next Sunday then you might miss out.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 5/5