Product Review: Knox Roberta Ladies Leather Jacket

Knox Roberta Ladies Leather Jacket, £349.99 

Tester: Alison Silcox

Time tested: Three months/1500 miles

What's good? The jacket looks great and I love the retro styling, in particular the collar and closure flap at the front. The leather is soft and supple, making it comfortable from the first time I wore it. I'm long in the arm and this jacket fits perfectly, which isn’t always the case. I also like the fact it hasn’t got tight, restrictive cuffs. The pockets are great, being plenty big enough to stow a mobile phone or purse, and the zip is sturdy.

What's not? There isn't any armour within the jacket so a separate armoured base layer needs to be purchased to ensure adequate protection when riding, which costs another £100. There is also a slightly over-complicated gusset section that means the jacket can be reduced in size so it fits properly when not wearing the armoured base layer is removed. This does mean the jacket will look a lot better when worn on occasions other than riding. But if I'm honest I'm not sure I would ever remove it, as I haven't so far.


Quality rating: 4/5

Value rating: 3/5