Product Review: Dainese P Pony C2 leather pants (£279.99)

What’s good about the Dainese P Pony C2 leather pants?

These touring leather pants dispense with the kneesliding sports look in favour of a more subtle all-black leather look that would suit almost any bike on the road. They were comfortable straight off the peg thanks to the large stretch panels on the thighs and around the back of the knees and have CE Level 2 armour in the knees. These pants are designed to work with either the Dainese ‘in’ boots where the pants go over the top, or to go inside normal boots and they zip to a Dainese jacket very securely. There are two outside pockets too.

And what’s not?

The aperture for the pockets was too small so retrieving coins or other small items which had dropped to the bottom was a pain. The Velcro waist adjustment straps did start to dig in a little on longer rides. They’re reasonably expensive.

Time tested

Nine months/5000 miles


Quality rating


Value rating