RiDE review: ARMR Kumaji jacket

Visually low-key (and not just because the one we’re testing is black), this is a jacket you really shouldn’t overlook. Whichever way you look at it, it’s an excellent piece of kit.

They’ve not held back on any of the details: short and long connecting zips; a hook to hold the collar open (but no vents, and we didn’t miss them); some exceptionally neat and easy-to-use size adjusters on the arms, sides and collar, as well as stretch panels for a good fit; waterproof hip pockets; reflective detailing; and some very classy materials wherever the jacket comes into contact with bare skin. When the removable thermal liner is out, there’s also a sweat-beating mesh layer.

The Velcro flap over the main front zip can be a bit of a chore to undo, but that really is the extent of the downsides with this jacket.

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Price: £149.99
Price includes: CE-approved back, shoulder and elbow armour

Comfort:  4/5
Convenience:  4/5
Toughness:  5/5

Total:  13/15