Product Review: Buffalo Misano jacket (£99.99)

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What’s good about the Buffalo Misano?

As a cheap way of keeping some protective gear on when you nip to the shops, this jacket is ideal. It isn’t all singing and dancing, but it’s near enough for leisurely riding or for shorter trips. It’s also well suited to newer and younger riders who are looking for a practical protective layer without breaking the bank. The jacket has two inner layers: one for waterproofing and a thermal inner, both can be removed should the weather turn warm or dry (good luck) and they dramatically change the overall feel of the jacket. The thermal layer is a welcome addition now summer is behind us and should continue to allow the jacket stay useable in the coming months.

And what’s not?

The armour, though CE approved, isn’t exactly inspiring as it feels very thin. The waterproof layer doesn’t breathe well and can leave me feeling very sticky, though it has so far done the job of keeping the rain out. The arms are quite baggy on the jacket when worn without the thermal liner and the compression straps do little to cure this. This makes the armour very loose fitting and doesn’t reassure me that the armour will stay in place if it’s needed.

Time tested

Three months/500 miles


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James Archibald

By James Archibald

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